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E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Jan 3, 2018

Night-club king, turned software entrepreneur, Saud shares his transition from the nightclub underworld to family man and spiritual entrepreneur. 

We explore a number of topics in this episode including:

  • How Saud got started as an entrepreneur in College 
  • The dark underbelly of the nightclub scene 
  • The value of credit, and how Saud learned about credit after he married 
  • How Saud walked away from 7 figures to start fresh
  • The impact of latching onto something positive and what happens when you do
  • The start Saud’s software company out of Mom’s basement 
  • The negative pressure of career and how it encroaches upon rest and family time 
  • Spiritual practices, rest, daytime routines, and finding a natural cadence 
  • The importance of guarding one’s sleep
  • How Entrepreneurs can live their post-exit life NOW