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E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

03: NY Times bestselling author Tucker Max, Learning from one’s mistakes

Jan 3, 2018

Tucker Max is a New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur, and founder of Book-in-a-box. In this episode, Tucker shares stories about the early days of Book-in-a-Box, his list of mistakes as a CEO, and why baby-boomer parents are perhaps the worst generation of parents EVER. 

In this episode,  we explore topics such as:  

  • The early mistakes in building Book-in-a-Box 
  • How to weed out applicants when you’re hiring for positions 
  • Why almost every professional with specialized knowledge should write a book 
  • Why “MATE” is the least favourite book he’s authored 
  • Why women love intelligence and effectiveness 
  • Baby boomers, and why Gen-ex parents tend not to replay the Boomer mistakes 
  • Going to law school, and the type of people who go to law school 
  • How he attributed his early success to his own genius, and how his arrogance got him to learn the hard way 
  • How doing talk therapy, psychoanalysis and meditation got Tucker to be more emotionally connected with himself.