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E2: Entrepreneurs Exposed

Jan 3, 2018

University drop out turned hyper successful JUNK MAN, Brian shares openly about his life of entrepreneurship. Brian discusses how he convinced his father that dropping out of school to start a junk business was a good idea, and why hiring an ex Starbucks executive turned out to be a huge failure … 

We explore a number of topics in this episode including:

  • How Brian decides what businesses to work on and launch 
  • Why Brian loves the Starbucks model 
  • How 1800 GOT JUNK is really about exceptional customer experience 
  • Why for Entrepreneurs, the best way to learn is outside the classroom 
  • Why friends and business partners don’t always mix  
  • Finding the right COO, and the climb from $2 to $100 Mil (and beyond)  
  • The practice of using the "4 H’s”  to find the right franchise owners 
  • Dailly routines, exercise, and the power of “re-charging” and “going dark” 
  • Gratitude practice and the power of "little moments”